In the Wind a Flower Waves

arrow of time
The winds of love swept in
Carried on the wings of time
The search of many lives
The dreams made in the night
Magical moments lit the path
Heaven bestowed showers
Of glorious miraculous baths
To flood forth a Sea of Dreams
The wind came to me
Too blind by self induced misery
I drowned in the storm of destiny lost
The wind blows
The sky it glows
I steadfast
As it comes and goes
New treasures I find
As I face my own wrath
To be free eternally
In faith I will walk
Through rain and pain
To face the dark abyss of my soul
To turn away and claim the breath of light
Come what may
The spirit leads the way
Lifted up
I’ll never walk alone
A flower in the wind
The blossom of destiny
The love came in
The wing’s of heaven’s send
Stuck in the storm
The garden drenched
All fruit was lost
The wind it came and went
The desert waits
For love to come again
As the currents descend
I build an ark
In hopes to ascend
To sail through fears
On the waves of love
Should they pass this way again
NOTE: Three different versions of something I was trying to put into words…some times thoughts, like the arrow of time is hard to capture…

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