God Bless Us

God Bless Us
God bless the innocents through time
As generations unwind the damage must stop
And the innocents wounded will be the ones with this task
The innocents the martyrs
What an evil deal
The universe wields
To challenge the wounded
To heal ourselves
We take it all
And still stand tall
Unless we fall
Into the sins of our abuser’s deeds
The pain it kills
to the core of our ills
When we instill
The perpetuation of these seeds
The abusers cannot help us
For they must heal themselves
We have a choice to end the blame
Erase the memories of the pain
Rewind the tapes
And rewrite the way
God bless the innocents in this journey through time
All were pure until the damage was born
And now through generations the damage must stop
The pure weakened must become strong in this universal task
God Bless you, God Bless me, God bless us all
We have a choice
We must be mindful of that
Even when the pain
Is awakened from deep within
We must keep it buried in the grave
So that a treasure will replace
All the past mistakes
God Bless the innocents
For when we enter this world
Our innocence begins its loss
And few will find the way
To claim what life took away
November 21, 1997

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