Do you want me?

Outside the air is thick
Gray clouds from here to there
Wondering if you care…
Is your love from a fantasy land
Is your heart in your command
Or does the mind unwind the find
Is the reality not what you seek
Painting lovely pictures
On the waves of your voice
Yet in action reality chokes
Fantasy land forever will be
Unless you hold my heart
At the core of your desires
To respect diversity
To honor the duality
To come together
Man and Wife
No games of superiority
To nurture divine equality
To face the truth
To love our lives
To cherish what is
The dreams can live on, yet
A divided mind cannot stand
To have a vision
To walk together
To share each other
Good and Bad
To be humble in our flesh
To rise above in spirit
To take the knife of hate
And put it in its place
The senses flourish
On memories based on fact
The fantasy embellishes
And can lead us into a trap
Your dream cannot be my dream
When you keep it in your heart
My dreams cannot die
As I cannot live a lie
Do we share a common vision
Or do you wish to chart my course
Without asking my heart to speak
In silence my heart will break
I want to give and share
I want to be known
I want to know you
I want to understand
I want to be understood
I want to be valued
I want to value
I want to be nurtured
I want to nurture
I want to be loved
I want to love
I do not want to be seen as inferior
I do not want to be told to be silent
I do not want to be lectured to
I do not want to be taken for granted
How can I give and continue to give
When I am not given what I need
My heart cannot continue to bleed
I want a home in your heart
A warm shelter of love
One that does not differentiate
And try to dictate to me
On how I am suppose to be
For I am me, do you want me
March 21, 1997
An arranged marriage of sorts…

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