celestial map
I imagine the eclipse of the moon
where you stand is paradise
I bet the breeze carries you
I imagine you’re in the arms of heaven tonight
I swim in the seas
And I hear the waves
I feel the rain
It washes me clean
The power is in my hands
I am in control of my destiny
Oh my sweet love’s charity
I can breathe
I have my own set of lungs
I can fly
I have my own set of wings
Mend your wings my love
And fly away
Into the night
Into the eclipse
Of the moon
On view from paradise
The garden was bliss
The nakedness came
And covered in leaves
I hide my pain
Of loves
That have come
And of loves that have gone
Fly home
Fly home
Sweet love’s charity
Love visit me
Come back
To me
Sweet charity
Remember my cries
To see the eclipse
From here to eternity
Free me
Oh Sun
Cover me
Take away the pain
Of the dark
Take it to the moon
I pray
To see the light
Of dawn
Open me up
To be Love
& Light
What is and what is not
Is neither here nor there
It is everywhere
In everything
It waits
In peace
In harmony
In pain
To have knowledge
To turn the page
To drown the rage
Enjoy the breeze
Let it surround your heart
Let it bring you ease
Don’t mind my broken heart
The light of the moon
Will carry me
On the wings of love
I will fly
Homeward bound I fly
I fly
In search
Of truth
In search
Of light
Oh how my heart
Weeps tonight
My sweet love’s charity
Is gone into the night
Rocking in the breeze
In the arms of heaven tonight

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