Oh Lord, help me endure

these gems that travel through

So refined coursing against the chambers

deep within piercing into view

Hold me now

from prostate to countenance

in time this energy

flows, inebriates within my soul

Awakened to surrender

once again I bow

A vessel you made me

Do as thy will

Each breath

I breathe

saturates me in your love

Yet for me, I lay patiently

observing the flow

of divinity come forth

from me

In selfishness I query

to ponder when shall love

lift me, yet I realize by this moment

I am loved and so blessed

to give that which you so choose to give

I’m going to have to go away

I’m slipping away

Into your arms I shall lay

Just pour me out

and flood the gates

Let me swim in

Love and find my way

to truth



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