Love’s Marionette

I’m dead to those I’ve loved
I wonder if they’ll keep anything I’ve given them…says love
Sometimes they have danced with me
& sometimes they’ve hid in the night
But deep within their memory
is a light that shines within
It holds the candle and the flame
Amidst the pains and stains
Sparking and dimming all the same
Off the path they venture where loneliness stands
in defiance their desire erupts
for beats to begin again
louder and louder the hunger storms
To come back home
where love is from
The missteps are long gone
& unfrozen skies paint the day
where realms of rays penetrate
to radiate the lightning bolt
to light the day
Reflecting Love along each ray
with fever
there is a beauty
A majesty to embody
Wrap around and drown in ecstasy
for a time or two
until time slips away
& to those I’ve loved I’m dead
Music of love spinning
in my head
dancing in my heart
in stillness waiting to touch
Patiently keeping the torch
Guarding the gateway and the flame to the door
that purifies hearts

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