Resonate with the Divine

heart chimes
My heart is not thrown to the wind like rolling dice
I choose precisely this path I tread
I see from a different point of view
Where little is left to chance
and actions are absolutes
where beliefs are shaped by attitudes
yet defined by mysteries in time
where unconscious ties can blind and bind
the mind to awaken and learn to find
the consequence where luck is won
when hearts are one
The highs and lows
we all come to know
for in these acknowledgements
truth is thread and woven
where none of us will stand alone
our fate in each other’s hands
for we are all parts to the whole
and in the end this is what we shall see
we all have our share to take accountability for
judge not lest ye stay down
lift up ye yourselves
and all others from their plight
show them in this life
there is a light to seek
and it is not found in debauchery
where hearts are eaten
by foolish men
Lose not the love ye were given
by casting it to the night of sin
Yet give it away by choice
to walk in love
and return to love
for none are without their share of pain
yet to see love and God in everything
is where our hearts and souls are won
Look deeply within and see the divine in me
as I peer and see God in you
It’s a choice
not cast to the wind
where hearts resonate in love
8/2017 (I cannot see anything in another, I cannot see within myself, thus even if it would appear to be a judgement when observations are made, it is more an observation to discern the effects of choices made as a result of the human condition we all live and navigate our lives within. Some aspire to remove the consequence of living within the human condition, and align with living within a spiritual mindset creating and manifesting the conditions associated with such where life can present the miracles and blessings of such. It is a self discovery to uncover the heart of truth. Remove the ego, and just look at actions and consequences, and then choices become based on the application of wisdom which has its own consequence, just as actions do that are not rooted in wisdom and are given over to happen stance! There is a power in making sound choices based on love and universal wisdom, verses making choices based on feelings which are often fleeting and tied to the attachments of the ego which more often than not, are rooted in fear)

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