Vices and Disguises

Vices and Disguises
Some just can’t get enough of their demise, filling themselves with vices, and wondering why life spits them out. Running away from love, looking for love, never in the moment, always in the rear view mirror, yet thinking it is up ahead, as a life worth meaning drives on by. Substance cannot be found at a buffet, nor loyalty in gluttony, nor friendship in a slot machine, as women worn like trinkets fade to black in the depths of their deceit where within their soul the tarnishing becomes complete, yet they will always fail to understand it is the fate they create that lands them in the minefield full of blown up hearts. As they move on and feast upon another plate, to fill the belly fat and full, of nothing but that which they hate. Crabs and fishy smells permeate their well, where people like napkins are used to wipe away the moments of pain, where deep inside all the while their heart is paralyzed in hell. The stench of the life they seek, is not found in that which they do, for it shall pinch and claw at them until they find the love within themselves. Once again they find the silver slipper simply does not fit, and where all that glitters is not gold, for the light within they fail to manifest, as they stare into the abyss they make, where each dollar owed is like a woman bought and sold who dined upon their face. Yet behind the mask, the disconnect is worn, the veil of immaturity never torn, and cast away, wantonly swimming in its sea, never to break free to be, to be, to simply be, in a world of spiritual love and ecstasy; caught up in vices and disguises chained to their miseries.
8/10/17 Sitting in the realms of truth, letting come what may…catching thought streams…just a mind at play…with a message that is clear…

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