Union – to be called upon the path of love to Discover

blake angel of divine presence
Is there a way to wear my sadness well when grief of past mistakes circumference me. The shadows of the dark encompass & fill the consciousness as a subtle yet stark reminder to be humble and to not forget the evil in me to continually eradicate at every turn of every new day @ every waking moment, to not fall prey to be lulled to sleep to walk in blindness but a duty to awaken and stay steadfast to stand to face truth, and be accountable to cleanse by that which will I may direct into me that is inspired by God to find peace, to find honor, to find servitude in the Lord’s mercy, grace & will in hopes of eternal salvation. For first always my acts I must address & recompense by eternal repentance, until my Lord, my God so righteously will determine the fate of my soul, that of my union!
Am I to hide behind a facade of flesh & smiles & illusory lies, is that what I must do to protect you. My moments of reflection are not yours to own, for mine they are to bare and so to me my each I own. Do not fret, do not despair, let me ride the thought as I may and know my love for you is independent in and of itself (the past) alone (it stands) yet influenced and shaped by that divine dictate. I hold true to always strive toward in aligning my will to be there for you, as I am not only present, I am past, and whole-fully mindful of the future we are as we cleave to be One.
You lift my countenance it is only my own faults to bare not of you that upon reflection trouble my countenance as I aim to go forward in Love by the grace of God.
3-25-2004 (Interesting, someone’s B’day)
Note: Upon deciding to search for an image for this, I searched union of the souls to find this picture by William Blake titled, An Angel of Divine Presence depicting…a union, ironically. *The 3 M’s & an O, and a path…
So much I can add to this that stirs in my thoughts….the picture….considering matters…Eve disobeyed, and Adam chose to leave with her…on a path of love…
She in her sin has to acknowledge to be led…women are easier for forces to tempt so it is said because they are made from the rib of man, but man is made from God’s image and breath was given to man to give him life, from which the woman was formed…hence it is said the temptation beguiled woman and was not brought forth to man, due to it being thought man was closer to God than woman, and the temptation would not have succeeded with man. Hence scripture reference for bishops to guard their wives as being the weaker vessel.
After being ordained by a minister and told to walk the path of love, amidst a union, I walked away from but held firm to the directive to walk the path of love, and have been trying to figure out what that exactly means ever since.
We have so much to discover,
so much to uncover
The union will grow deeper
As we heal our hearts together
The builder builds brick by brick
We shall create day by day
With hearts to cherish, honor and respect for one another
Upon the foundation of love we have found
A temple to sanctify and rectify all we are
A monumental attribution to the testament
Of the power of the sacred divinity in us and all around us
that united us upon this hallowed ground
It will be born from within us a pillar of spirit
Never material that can turn to salt
For what is created with spirit
Will endure forever more
Beyond the dust to dust of this life
Into the light of sustenance
That nourishes all immortal life
For love is life that transcends constraints of time
It is an eternal gateway for mortal man to rediscover the origin of immortal love
We have so much to discover
So much to uncover
The builder builds brick by brick
We shall create day by day
A witness of sacred unity
Bonded with love

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