Distant Twin

Distant Twin

A man from a distant land

He sees my face and knows

That I am the one he has searched for all his life


His soul has been longing to meet his cosmic twin

She is a woman with the mind of a child

Entrenched in all her fears


He beckons her to come to him and to leave all fears behind

In love there is no fear, we agree, and yet how our two hearts bleed


Her soul has been in agony in want of the merging of an eternal bliss

He is a man of will and intellect

Philosopher’s eyes and poet’s heart


Together they come

And together they talk

Hand in hand they walk


Often in harmony

Dreams are shared

Often in pain

The dreams are shadowed


By the little girl’s crying

And the big man’s will


And often by the little boy’s cries

And often by the grown woman’s sighs


She carries inside

The pain and anger of the past


He carries within

The wisdom of the world


To cry and to die and to live and to breathe

All over again and again


Will we ever dream again…

In the distance

but close

my distant twin




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