Tombstone Souls

Tombstone Souls

A musician friend stops by

He pulls his guitar out

Wants to share a few new songs

He sings about how people walk around

with tombstones in their eyes

Yesterday I decided to drive by

an old house full of memories

of where it all began (contemplation of lost souls)

that is the angst for me

to look back and see

the first wolf

who came at me

it made an impression on my mind

something that made me stop

and analyze many things after that…a bit magnified


the things people do

that kill and rob joyful spirits

and I realized

There are many who walk around

with tombstones in their eyes

and they will come at you

just to have their way

to make them selves feel alive

but something inside them strangles

they see the energy of others

they want to drown in it

to make them feel


like something they use to know

yet inevitably it does not last

as they cling to their zombie past


for me I think the message is clear

something akin to avoiding negative people

yet they cloak it so cleverly it’s hard to sometimes see

something akin to testing the spirits

yet be cautious in those endeavors

for not to reign down more more troubled waters

for how does one really do that with integrity tell me that


Is it true that damaged people damage others

I think not if their heart has balanced perspective

yet often possibly if they have not sifted through it all

and stepped out of that cloak that others tried to drape them with

they’ll sit with the weight of their own crown keeping them down

twisted energies wrapping around….too crippled never rising

It is an innocence to rediscover all the while

understanding how the loss of innocence leads to knowledge

to keep one’s heart light on

when the winds of the world want to snuff it out


yet be wise in who you lead out, and always lead thy self first and foremost

for some will accidentally drown out the flame with their tears and not understand

the pain was only meant to direct change

just a temporary exchange…

not to choose to live within its bounds for an eternity…

yet some it seems certainly do walk around with tombstones in their eyes

for me, I realize I must learn to recognize

these energy vampires


does this mean to not help others

not at all, but sometimes

people have to learn to help themselves

and it is all about the lenses of their perceptions

sometimes you have to be brave enough

to hand them a new pair of glasses

and then walk away

and keep your heart light on from a distance

to keep the joy in your spirit

and the light in your own heart

shining bright


or else you risk

tombstones being planted in your soul

as they try to give their pain away

blindly not seeing

it is their own light

in their own eye

they need to cultivate

and use to radiate

love wherever they go…

to keep stakes from being

splintered in hearts…


a stripping to the core

to see what lies buried there

in the garden of hearts

or the graveyard of sin…

how to do this, where to begin…

watch a man’s actions

is a start


for his heart will lead him


either into realms of beauty

or into pits of disdain


where in the end

he is to blame…

for the choices

he makes

will seal his fate


and your choices too

will affect your countenance


Take not on their darkness

Run not with dogs

Wake not up with fleas

and diseased ways

clouding each day

Zombie land is not for the living…


Dead hearts need light

for the flame of their soul

to reflect in their eyes

the true mirrors

of their being


Watch in silence

and their actions will speak

and listen to the sounds of silence

and your heart will speak




The walking dead around avoid, for they have the capacity to inadvertently drain your energy, and make you just like them. Such creatures are to be avoided at all costs.


Little did he know the words he sang would open my eyes to start seeing how soulless the actions of some are and so unaware they are of acting this way too.  The time and synchronicity in connecting the dots was duly noted.

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