Did Time Invent Death? (Contemplation)

Did Time Invent Death Contemplation

When man invented time, he invented death.


Is this a valid premise, I pondered when this saying was shared with me.


I share my thoughts written out about this from May of 1998 as follows:


I was thinking about this….when man invented TIME, he invented death statement…


AND….Man did not invent death when he invented TIME, unless time was invented at the SAME TIME that man was CREATED. If TIME was created after man was created, then the death of man was already in existence before man established a correlated meaning for TIME.


AND…As the BIBLE says, or EVEN GREAT thinkers and POETS there is a SEASON FOR THIS AND A SEASON FOR THAT…AND Seasons are directly related to trans-formative cycles of birth and death according to this thinking.


SO does love DIE or does it transform, because statements to the effect that love dies, and autumn’s send directly introduce an element of time where death is a factor.


Personally, I think that time is independent of death. I feel the spirit is always evolving whether it is in the body or out of the body.


Example: Did she die at the age of 70, at noon on a Sunday? Or did she leave us to go on to other planes of existence, and does the death of a piece of flesh of 70 years old, kill the spirit? I say No. And does LOVE ever DIE, NO….because to say it does would be erroneous, and make love completely dependent on TIME.


Just thoughts….



If TIME was created before Man, then man comes into a dimension of the universe where TRANS-FORMATIVE CYCLES of BIRTH AND DEATH are PRESENT. The flesh may have to operate in this dimension, and be caught in it, but the spirit moves through it and beyond it.


Still, MAN did not CREATE TIME…


It could be argued that the invention of Death came with SIN/imperfection. Yet that can be argued another way, that sin/imperfection served the purpose to implement the drive to not SIN/to become perfect, in order to be immortal on some evolutionary plane in a generative cycle of birth that can be attained at any given instant dependent on the individual which is independent of time. The cycle is just reflective of the state of the individual, and the cycle is without beginning and without end, it is a circle of complete being.


Just like LOVE…it exists on all dimensional planes and is immortal, and can be attained at any given instant dependent on the individual.


If man could grasp the ability to peer at the complete circle of his being…man would witness the trans-formative cycles of his very own love, and other experiences, and see that they are representative that love and all his experiences never die because they are in the circle of his being existing immortal and eternal.


This would support prophets who have said that man does not change…


You see man and everything he is…is eternal and immortal…each experience fixed, it cannot be undone!


I will go further to say we are the same as we have always been, but that the spirit experiences more and more, and it is through these experiences that we add to the circle of our being independent of the level. So in essence we are what we have always been as spirit and through the state of man we attune with energy again and less with man, all relative to each individual cycle we attune with along the spiral that is at the core of all existence.


As each individual evolves cyclically his circle of being becomes almost nothing, yet the energy of that nothingness expanses the entire universe.


And as far as perfection and imperfection are concerned, everything in the universe has PERFECT purpose and ORDER, no matter HOW chaotic and opposed things appear to BE.


PERHAPS…those who STAND by the position that love dies, may have their flesh caught in the web of TIME, and their spirit may not be operating independently of TIME.


Just more thoughts on the matter….


Whether my thoughts are right or wrong is not important where I am judged by others, because in some respects those terms of right and wrong are illusions upon which judgments can be made. Most importantly is for man to judge himself according to his own divine being not according to the judgments of someone else. Since when should I let judgmental “norms” outside myself dictate to me how to think? It is precisely the judgmental norms that I work diligently on discarding when I feel after much “fair” introspection, they are opposed to what my divine being thinks.


I don’t expect anyone to agree with me or accept what I think….as I am evolving and what I think may make sense to some and may not to others. The thoughts I have may transform into new states of awareness…upon which thoughts I have expressed can be a springboard for other thoughts…trial and error. Fascinating thing is that because of evolutionary cycles that occur, I can look back on the circle of my existence at any given point and see what gave birth to new cycles and growth.


It is often that our greatest successes are born of our mistakes.


I don’t claim to have the answers for anyone. I am just growing and understanding what is of importance to me. In my growth, I share my thoughts because…WHO KNOWS…it may strike chords of consciousness in someone else where they can add to my awareness based on their experiences…and vice versa.


I will always look for unifications and respect diversity as I learn to accept diversity. Part of my acceptance for diversity is learning to focus on unifications so that some sense of unity can be attained where all can be respected for their own individuality!


(I shall stop at sharing what was once written, as I go off into writing about diversity, and finding unified threads)



Note (November 21, 2017) Contemplating about past conversations and my own unresolved thoughts:


It is interesting too to note, I wrote about time shared in another piece that was written when I was around the age of 20.


The above contemplative discourse was in response to me asking me someone their age. They retorted that the older women in India might slap your face if you asked them their age, for they say when man invented time, he invented death…


You see…when you accept this notion of time…..there is a time to be born, go to school, find a mate, get married, have children, retire, and die…etc


Watch your thoughts on time, for when you recognize time, you recognize your own death.


A VERY Interesting concept to ponder independent of whether the premise is ultimately valid or not, for perchance it was not man who invented time, but time that invented death. AND if the laws of conservation of energy and mass hold truth…then there is no time and there is no death, for all that has been is all that ever is, and will remain to be, as it undergoes transformations. Can the mind escape time? I think it can, if one recognizes time is an illusion….for what if there is no beginning and end…just transformations….an eternal immortality…perchance.


Perchance our immortality embodies flesh going into and out of time, yet our soul operates on levels independent of time.

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