To Be One

to be one
Can you make a bird sing
Or a girl smile away a tear
Can you find the joy
in the sound of the rain
Can you see the sun
in the heart
of a man
and be content
to not tell anyone
but to show them
in silence
by reflecting their worth
by sensing the truth
the ego is stilled
and listens to the sounds
not of itself
what matters in the mind
is based on what is perceived
if it matters in the mind
does it rhyme with the sound of the heart
for what matters in what you hear
is if you can hear God in everything
Can you give thanks
to hear a jet stream
to see an insect sting
to see the truth in a tear
and feel the blood scream
To know the truth of fire
when it burns everything
then you tell me
what you see
what you hear
what you feel
what you taste
and who you think you are
and what is in your mind
that separates you from me
separation is an illusion
The love of God
permeates the mind of all things
a man so enlightened
sees all as one
only men who fall
see the blindness of their self
in the delusions of their minds
as they fail to recognize
the thread that can bind
is a spark in the heart
to be fanned
into a flame
of desire
to be one
to transcend
from the bowels of isolation
into the light
that is formless
yet found in everything
and appears
as choices multiplied
to not stay blind
as the veils are removed
by the soul that
sees the light in the eye
And comes to know
It can do all things
By directing its
attention on what matters most
and refuses temptation
to enter dark chambers
of individual mind
for firmly planted
in the light is
to be entered into
the realm of the
heart where
the silence is
bliss amidst the chaos
in which order
is always made
To those such
enlightened it is
a path open to all
Straight and narrow
is its way
Focused and pointed
multifaceted in array
in that many are called
but few are chosen
Perchance more simpler
is that very few
make the choice
As they refuse to
think they can do
anything and pass
it all off to human nature
as they let go and
blindly keep walking
further from truth
within to be discovered
in all things
Even the colors of light
spread 7 rays, yet
merge into one
To be pure to enter the
the mind
must transform
energy and all its
state into one!
To become
white light
by time
Man must
this spiritual
birth in
order for his
soul to be
delivered unto
these universal truths
To fail to see light
In all you do is
to fall into mortal Lands
where under the shadows
lurk the fears
of the dark
A vigilance to be steadfast
to not be blinded
by the light and
slip into darkness
but to awaken
that which ye see is
light divine, so the
spirit can merge
with thy soul as one by
liberty derived
of the freedoms of choice
given to us all who so choose
to be born as One!
November 13, 2002
Note: I tend to type things out as they were written on the page. Pages have limitations to how much can fit on one line. Yet I also tend to think, I capture the cadence of the thought, somewhat dissecting each one line by line. I realize I could take some time to edit the lines, yet to keep the meanings of where cadence of thought was operative, I have not.

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