Don’t Be An Easy Mark

cyborg sensuality
How hard must his heart be
to be so easy to cast away
block love that came his way
He must be a pro
at taking hearts
placing hands to nether lands
dipping in pools
to drown
his thirst
excuses like fools
no real reason
yet for the treason
he plays
upon his flesh
severed and torn
his game to play
no mind for sensitivity
save his own
he no longer
he runs away
into the den
of thieves he toils
shunning true gifts
and giving his all away
to those who entice
his heart to care
but in the end
he sees they use
just like him
they turn and rend him
and he is confused
not knowing why
making up lies
he hides
in pain
com-busting in fire
he creates
as he forsakes
true love
to uncover
bound by grace
as he surrounds himself
with distractions untold
never connecting
to his soul
filling his plate
with cares
all the while
giving up his air
breathing in sin
so far removed
from that which
reigns deliverance
fearing truth
yet being the mark
easy for fools to abuse
never would I have
allowed that for you
so the ego shuns
that which would
have shown it the way
out of its hell
it wants to stay
and play
and play
and keep you lost
dangling in no man’s land
where love is lost
thrown away
to the wind
the spirit that leads
never being questioned
if friend or foe
to the yearnings
of that which ye heart seeks to know
sleepwalking in your slumber
awaken one day
I pray
you will see through
to make it from there
to where your heart will care
void of self absorption
but drenched in divine charity
to give of one’s self
to divine purpose
in this life
and the next
for what’s it all worth
if a man should gain the world
and lose his soul
searching for love
in all the wrong places
for too long
he no longer recognizes
it when it lands in his lap
the power of goodbye
is to cut ties
with that which kills
and devastates
to come back home
to face one’s heart
to welcome
should it pass this way again
no longer in bondage
and free of sin
the humility
to see it
and nourish it
when it comes again
to see it is thy friend
and all else is an imposter
to be cast off
Wear not your cloak of fear
the monster within
is killing you
and tainting all you do
gird your loins with faith
pick up the sword of truth
and face your fate
to deliver yourself
to the table of grace
where the light of your countenance
shines from within
and no evil entity
will dare enter there within
my advice to you
as a spirit based friend
cast aside
for pleasures unknown
to bring the pain
for you to discover
who you are one day
to manifest
in glory
to overcome
the travesties
born of the human race
Note: There is a possibility his name is in the title!

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