Sands of Time

Love written in the sands of time
when you held my hand
the tide washed in
the stormy pain
the lust of sin
to tear two hearts apart
the tears did rain
as the two deceivers took pride
and delight in each other to hide
caught in the snare
of the prince of the air
to seduce with lust
to break former bonds of trust
that was made innocent and true
by the soul of the eyes from the start
to be a friend
in time of need
yet when disease could enter me
it brought me to my knee
my word I had to bend
and in my time of need
the truth he did refuse
as he tore me apart
for denying to face
his part in all the abuse
not only to him
but at my feet he went to place
all his sins
shattered and heart broke
from pain I spoke
the truth did set me free
but for him he cannot see
his truth he cannot state
what shall become of his fate
for now he shall have to eat off his plate
the one he made full of deciet
as pure love he did mistreat
a heart he ripped to pieces
the pieces turned to spikes of ice
to come flaring back at him
the pain of all his sin
will not feel so nice
as nowhere to be found
will be any peace
but like raindrops falling down
the ice will melt
and so will the pain of the sting
when he no longer has felt
the thrusts of his fling
throbbing against his groin
for a babe to come from some woman’s womb
For then he will become a man
and will understand
But the price he will pay
will be true love lost
all for a romp in the hay
among the barley and the hops
in time his head will clear
and the love he will yearn for
will never be near
for he shut that door
He will thirst for more
of the love he will never taste again
and he will wonder what was it all for
For without love, life has no true meaning in the end
and on his knees he will confess his sins
written in the sands of time for when he released my hand
the day will dawn where he will have to stand
to witness the cost of his comeuppance
and face the truth in order for his heart to mend
in order for him to become truly liberated
his addiction he will have to berate
and that day will not come unless he makes haste
to put evil truly in its proper place
far removed away and laid to waste
the sands of time, slowly sifting away this life
How much more time is left to receive heavenly grace
YOLO is such a disgrace
as it does not consider the consequence of what is done
in this life that we have to account for in the next life…
Do we really only live once, or can people be born again
Can anything ever be undone
To stop the mistakes can end the strife…
but when will the final beer hit the trash bin
to save your self when will you begin
Goodbye my short lived friend
perchance in another time we will meet again
June 13, 2002
Note: Sadly I learned in 2009 he died the year before, which happened to be on the afternoon when he and I last saw each other after many years had passed…living fast, driving fast and flipping his car. I tried to warn him years earlier to stop driving so fast.

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