Silent Dreams

Silent dreams
In every moment I feel you here
In the garden the flowers in bloom
In my heart your smile radiates
In my prayers you are there
In the night I kick a coin
I light the ground to find a penny
I look to the stars above
and sing to the depths of my soul
a prayer
waste not our smiles
a silent heart felt dream
a fantasy to penetrate my senses
Obsessing my mind
Compelling my desire
to be bridled, yet unleashed
the passions to love
coursing through my veins
yearning for you to love me
and so much I want to give to you
my whole existence
standing at this crossroad
knowing now is meant to be
waiting to see if you understand
Divinely brought face to face
I know it’s true
by blessed virtue
Yet, I know too
if we force this flower to bloom too soon
it will be as forcing a butterfly from its cocoon
I sit and wait in this silent fortitude
That is perpetually filling every pore
The push and pull welling within me
to know the facts of circumstance
is enough to cause me to run and hide
yet the spiritual woman yearns with open arms
and heart to endure this test
as I learn to allow divine grace to flow
in heart, mind, body and soul
Don’t tell me this is love if it is not
For I am falling in love, and love is all I want….

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