River of Light

river of light
Come to the river and play with me
Come to the garden and smell life in bloom
The fragrance of love
saturates me
penetrates my soul
can your merge with me
and be like me
and I like you
Can you feel me
and know how you feel to me
Can I be in your skin and see
me from your point of view
Or is this all so futile
To get so close
Is it even possible
Come to the River and play with me
Where I wash all cares away
Free to love
Free to be
Where I want to be
In the garden where love’s in bloom
Where I can be the flower
or the bird
to fly
to cease to be me
but to be anything
I want to be
The air
that wafts
from here to there
Flowing through
the water fall
into the drop of water
Celestial flight
pulls me in
To see the glimpse
in through the window
of all creation
Heaven born
In an instant
I am back
Left now wondering
if that is where I long to be…

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