Looking Back

Something in the way you looked back at me
to see if I was okay
Made my mind’s eye take notice
As I see you so candidly in my reflections
of that day
Something in me knew
in you I could trust
The horse moving under you
running to be free
But your gaze is frozen in my heart
To see you have such gentle control
of an animal wild on its course
yet holding the reigns in no fear
you took your eyes off the path
as you showed concern about me
True nobility in action
a selfless act
no doubt
You looked so sexy, gentle and carefree
with the wild and natural all around
to the tameness of your command
And as a result I’m tamed
in awe as I glanced upon
the man in the rawness of the moment
I could see you
At least at that moment in time
Your heart was with me

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