Through time we grow to find ourselves.
Time is the essence of our future.
There is so much time at hand, yet if we don’t grasp it, it fades away.
Many times in our lives, we lose track of time; I believe everyone has had experiences in their life that cannot be recalled.
I believe we all remember experiences that have had a great impact on our lives.
We fail to realize there are many experiences we don’t recall that have contributed to our subconscious behavior.
Why do we let time slip away, when there is so much question to how much time we all have left?
I truly believe by analyzing our time and learning to utilize the time that has passed and the time that is ahead of us, we can shape and control our future destiny.
I believe by conditioning ourselves to the importance of the essence of time, we shall come to find the importance of time in our lives which would allow us to be able to find our true selves.
Written at 21 (1983) Contemplating time…
Thoughts now: our time here in this plane is just a drop in the bucket as compared to eternity. In the evolution of our soul, our existence here will seem like seconds according to the sages. Are we not here to discover where we came from and what our purpose is here in this life in order to navigate the course of our evolutionary journey (perchance a path home to our soul)?

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