Dedicated to (my name)

Bell Cave
She glides over the ground like the
hawk in flight
Her face gives off a soft glorious light
Her eyes shine like diamonds in a ring
Her presence causes all hearts to sing
Such a young girl yet a woman is she
A wonder whose glory caresses me
Lips of ruby red, hands as soft as a doe
Causing my heart to cry out in woe
Gentile as the summer breeze on a sunny day
This girl can always get her own way
Blessings and love flow unto thee
Dream of love who art made into reality
Signed: The Wayfarer
Note: Between the ages of 13-15 I played arcade games at a particular place. One day this young man, a stranger to me who was often in the crowd, handed me a piece of paper with this written on it, in dedication to me. The first poem ever written to me, and quite frankly to this point in time, the only one to any length of this kind.  *The cave has something to do with my name.

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