Running Free

cross and heart in sand
We were running free and wild in the wind
Salt and sea
When you carried me in the waves
Singing and skipping openly along the shore
On my knees covered in sand
just like an animal wagging its tail for you
So uninhibited and without shame
You my Adam and I your Eve
Frolicking in the Sun
Treading on Sacred Ground
Staff in hand and prayers and circles in the sand
and at the center is the Cross
That unites our hearts
beyond the scope of time
we unwind and come back upon
the silver threads that bind souls and divine minds as one
Never do we walk alone
When the pirate took my hand and said
Come and walk with me
and in his graces he covered me in love
Something so raw and pure
no man can touch
the synchronicity of un-corruption
when we played
and danced
Running wild and free
a love untamed
written in the sands of time
My shelter from the storm
reciting poetry
as minstrels in the sky
on the hill of our destiny
Talking to Angels You and I
Sweetening time as Heaven surrounds and calls us
beckoning us to not falter
but to come home
what may be for you and me
Songs written await
The visitation
when we meet again
as all veils are removed
and the light
synergizes us
7 days a seed of faith shared

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