A Player, A Piece, A Pawn

a player a piece and a pawn

As a child when others hurt me

I’d sit among the ashes that enraged me

As an adult when others hurt me

Into my soul I’d turn and

Into the fire their heart would burn

This life it seems is a trial by fire

The Holy Ghost I pray to carry me

And into the shade of the divine I lay

Yet stand in the face of travesties

To turn and walk in grace

In the shadow of humility

In the battle of truth’s aftermath

A player, a piece, a pawn

to be so moved

at will

by my Master’s hand

Until into the box

of his heart

I am placed

My final

Rest to Race

[to hurt no more…

for those who hurt others

hurt themselves so much more

and when the hand of grace

plays their turn

into the furnace their truths shall burn

to go and sin no more in time

a river of peace to the free

shall be to those purified

by trial and fire, a diamond in the rough

shall shine

to hearts residing in the divine

a light so beautiful and magnificent

it scintillates and radiates

love at every turn

to be knighted

upon a joyous return

the hollowed heart

the hallowed soul

is home

hurt not others

lest ye wish to burn

in the afflictions you create]


September 30, 2017

Notes upon reflection of what is written above:

The more I contemplate on these matters…of the heart…I wonder if it is the heart that gets us in trouble…and if perchance some things extraneously seeming to be unrelated that have crossed before my lenses perchance could be related, such as being told…a “secret” is one must obtain their soul, and men’s hearts are evil, and you have no heart….could it be we are to burn our heart out in the quest to seek truth and in that process our soul takes form…could it be not so much heart and soul, but heart then soul…just thoughts….nothing solid….just contemplative thoughts…

What if it is our heart that guides our ego…thus if we remove our heart, perchance our ego is removed, and then the soul finds its home in the hollowed out place our heart used to be….thus this resting place becomes a hallowed sacred ground, fertile for soul to reside…and for it to lead us eternally…? energetically…?

Like when all the desires of the heart have burned and coursed through your veins in this life…what more is there…when the ego thinks all is lost, is when the beauty of the gift of the soul returns to give new life.

it’s a paradox….to be so one with desire…it burns….until it burns no more (is let go/the ego impetus) to where true light then shines forth the truth…a radiant soul…???

perchance a universal soul….


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