The Path

The Path
On a forest walk
down the pathways of the mind
Those little sprites
and all their sparkly lights
Amidst the forest
I took shade there
watching rainbows
dancing on the leaves
yet on the planks
where I have kneeled
a monster did appear
The Jabberwocky’s devouring grip
for being seen I had to walk away
A heart on fire
faces truth
as it exclaims
I want more
for this trespass in the woods
my heart enmeshed
and now its torn
and spread out to
the universe
where I am born
once more
Another stake plunged in to me
I’ve removed the
wound agape
your disgrace
The jester always
prances like a suit
played for the crowns
The deck of cards
played the fool
for nothing more
than appetites
that feast
on light
back into the shadows
they retreat
banished the eyes
that penetrated far too deep
Be Gone for my soul
is not yours to keep
Your mayhem is your message
to fairy tale hearts like mine
to heed
Go back and go no further
Ahead there lies
a den of thieves
Pull yourself from this path to walk
The echo of truth shall remain
and if it be divine will
lives will be saved
Back into the safety
of my Master’s hand
who plays my heart
for my soul to claim
There will be no more
dancing in the dark with you
My heart
Soul to
Sends me down a different path

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