Down Where I am Found

I’m falling
falling from life above
falling down like waves crashing down
Looking back at all the years
Just wondering when will it end
this cycle of tides
caught in a mid current loop
Wanting out from within this flesh of sin
Transparent mind in stillness
waits for what is imparted
for me to discover
My drive to write and
contemplate like a wave
constantly washing over me
from dreams to silly things
to musings deep within fantasy in between
always looking for my soul to uncover
somewhere between here and there
My cares they slip away
The sun sets another day
My life mounting so high
I cannot escape no matter
how I try
The failures and mistakes
encircle me, my own and that of others
enraptures my point of view
These lenses I see through I wonder
if they are mine to wear
What purpose is there
in this mental playground of sorts
Will I find my spirit there
I’m saddened at times
and in its midst I struggle
to be found and fine my journey home
to what nourishes me
Drench me not in pain, my life says
but how to wring it out is perplexing at times
A new breath, a new day often leads the way
What point is there going back into memory
How to shed it like a suit of armor
too heavy to carry with me
I think my time has come
to let it all go to be undone
Some how, some way, can it be so
to take reign and rise
from the depths of abandon
Set in stone long ago
crack it like an open tomb
to discover the a diamond
I’ve become
If….if…this were only true
what must I do
I ask myself
to discover you
Feel as though I need to walk out
of my life…and go to some place I am found

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