Every day we must kick fear in the teeth
the voices whisper in our ear the sad lullaby that lulls us near death
whether it is an expectation that falls
or a dream that never appears tangible
we must face the ugliness we have become when we give in to listening to fear
For fear steals our hope, and always will sell us a bill of goods
so by faith no matter the turn of the page
without fear, love can be won
to accept what it is we are meant to see
When we no longer attach to our desires
is the moment we can truly savor what life has to offer
by being open to the moment
for just what it presents
We have a choice to live
like we’ve never lived before
imagine a life without fear
Where every breath taken in
is filtered where only love
is released
The solitude of awareness
that the stillness lies in wait…
We can be a mirror
and reflect what we see
see through eyes with selfless love
and surely you will begin to love
First you must choose to…
in everything you do…
therein is a secret…for the selfless eyes that look to see love
reflect love, and within radiate love, and give birth to fill the void…

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