Radiant Heart

radian heart 1

It can be so hard to explain the spiritual

to those who have not experienced the energy of love light up in every cell

Many claim they want to be spiritual, yet know not what to do

To walk that life one must choose to look for spirit

Pick up those lenses to see the light in others

and surely you will have light begin to enter your every cell

its the flame meant to penetrate the heart

I tend to think

to understand one whom is truly spiritual

one must realize through looking at life through the eyes of the spirit

over time each cell resonates so in tune

to such a one their heart beats true…by the very truth it seeks

so that when such a one sees those who suffer

and in want

the heart it feels the suffering for spirit sees it too…

where every cell will resonate with wondering what to do…

in offering of common shared experience

to light the needs of the heart

to find the wavelengths there and how to survive those tides…

Yet some they wade in the shallow distance of the flame

and into the heights they can not see from depths

their lenses left upon the shore…

spirits still clinging to their sleep

Walk gently there and tread no more

if they fail to wake

speak to them in silent prayers

and radiate love for them to find

life is but a dream we make

and if the seed planted was true

it shall become no more a dream

Through light I see

what others fail to see

those who know not of spirituality




Some they know not…what they do not know…

Luke 23:34 Then said Jesus, Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do. And they parted his clothing, and cast lots.


Those who are spiritually asleep often know not what they do, do not be discouraged by them, and to those who are spiritually awake, it is as though the spiritual mind penetrates every cell with a divine resonance of an electric energy of sorts…where often one just has to let their heart be radiant, and give love away where ever they go, send it forth into the ions of the ether…if that makes any sense at all…stay grounded in one’s truth, yet hope the lost will be bathed in love and one day open their eyes to see it all around. (you know the creative imagination… to breathe in and filter negativity and breathe out love, it is a visualization….maybe there is something to it, but more importantly it reminds the one visualizing this to be grounded in love, and if that alone is achieved, then perchance that is all that is needed.)


Interesting some researchers have mapped the neural circuits of spiritual experiences…and can actually induce spiritual experiences through attaching electrodes to the brain. They may observe it and artificially stimulate it, but will they ever come to understand, that there is the beauty within man to discover the electricity of his heart and how it has the capacity to affect every single cell. For the power of love is a light that shines throughout the entire body, and you can’t simulate that. Some may call such similar experiences a spiritual paresthesia of sorts. However, I tend to think by divine design when we happen to align our thoughts with the energy of divinity, we cannot help to feel the energy of that. Call it a higher vibratory frequency, or whatever you want to….it does exist, and can be tapped into…The only problem is….walking on water…was not meant for everyone. Remember John 14:6. It is about mastering self, and not aiming to master anyone else. Live by example with a radiant heart and that should be more than enough.


Not to mention how beautiful would it be if we all were focused on our breath to breathe out love, could there be a shift in energy surrounding us? Maybe, maybe not…yet one can dream and make life what they so choose to…think about it, when you have fallen in love, you felt invincible, and an ecstatic high….whether lasting or not…you felt it didn’t you? I have to laugh because it is said, love is a form of insanity, yet real love, is not, it is lasting…it is all around us….we just have to align ourselves with it. It is all about free choice.




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