Fade to Black and Mind Blown

Trip into the abyss

Fade to Black
Tripping with minds
The creator sees
you play with hearts
What will you do
when you slip
and trip
and realize
you’re in hell
What will your third eye see
then thy rogue
Will the wires drown
out your screams
When you see
the harm you’ve done
for just a little ecstasy
Will all their thoughts
fragmented come
back to you
How hard will you get
when you feel
your heart
turn to stone
You trip, you slip, you fall
Back into the abyss
No starry nights
or shining lights
you simply
no longer
where all the colors
fade to black
 Mind Blown
Mind blown
schizophrenic zone
Blind to what you did
to mother and child
How holy art though
Catfish necrotic heart
Pics to illicit lollipop girls
What kind of boat you row
with all those skeletons in tow
What happened to your energy
spit out flat
sputum on a stick
somewhere up the tube
where your heart is at
up your gut
little boys in pay to play
should stay asleep
and punch it out in dreams
for the waking life
like a crack den whore
always wanting more
the shit you wallow
in will drown
you in
the end
But you can pretend
you’re all that
passing around
your crap
those little feathers
in your cap
to tickle minds
you trap
brains in vices
will clamp down
on you
when you see
your soul
Beware of Creepers
2 Timothy 3:6 For of this sort are they which creep into houses, and lead captive silly women laden with sins, led away with divers lusts
Note: Inspired from introspection of the stupid things some people do…who try to trap and ultimately get trapped in their afflictions and webs they spin.

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