twin flames
I’ve sat by the holy wells in silence
drinking in your healing waters…
the rivers that bring peace to the free…
as I sat in your divinity,
the message that now runs through me…
and I am sorry I could not be
all that you wanted me to be,
but maybe it was meant
that this was who I am meant to be…
and perchance it is all well with our soul…
the lessons must go on….
through oration one to another….
and how could that be
if it were not this way,
as suffering often aids the lesson
to be learned….
the message I surrendered to…
not to the prophet….
for the message is greater
than the man who speaks it.
I seek the divine in hearts
thanks to your message….
I now carry within me.
Hearts speaking
in the unspoken field…
woven in divinity…
gravity bound in love,
no matter the space and time…
I know if I call you’ll be there,
as will I.
Maybe one day
as you foretold
when I see my way
towards hell
I’ll be screaming your name
yet I have a feeling
you’ll be there
my twin flame…
either to rescue me
or perchance for
me to come
and rescue you…
(In remembrance of the one who taught me about the path of love…oh how I miss certain elements of those conversations, yet to sit for years in submission at the well of contemplation…to be chided to surrender to a self proclaimed prophet…I cannot bring myself to do, but to the message, I surrendered long ago…before we ever met….for I knew there is no fear in love, and when you love there is nothing to fear, not even hell.)

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