Flowers Mark the Place

flowers mark the place
Collecting flowers
in the mists of the morning sun…
collecting fragments of bone, and shell…
woven together a bouquet
so simple in its beauty,
the flowers
little did I know
would be placed
upon the grave
of you and me…
by my choice
of mind to come…
unless one day
the flowers will mark the way
to resurrect
the love
we once touched upon
in another place,
not here
where temptations line time…
threaded through
trapped and ensnared…
awaiting for the light
to shine and burn
through the oceans in our hearts…
that keep us separated,
fallen and torn from grace.
I walk on…
and leave my foot prints
in their proper place.
Once upon a dream
in a midnight’s summer embrace….
I saw your face…
and had to leave you
at the cross of your disgrace..
as I faded away
back into the chambers
where sleep is divine,
and not filled with that not of light.
The night of dreams began within the lens of the Milky Way reflected
Drawn out on pages as birds took flight and united near firing turrets of the past
left nearby the dream unwound, flowers painted on the ground
Nothing but the fog lingering around

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