I recount your words said yesterday
for me to not attach any sinister meaning
to any action of yours
even you in cynicism believe people are corrupt
and inherently evil
does this mean you are excluded from the human race
as you think you are not from here
the difference may be you aim to come from the heart often
and many do not
yet in this realization truth reveals more than cynical
points of view and in this pointed truth
it does not exclude you, nor me from
the traps we all must overcome
for the thread of life
runs through us all
there is a connection in that
all feel an isolation in their core
the separation from God
it is that very nature to our being
that brings us to be connected
to make a choice to find the truth
and when we recognize the evil in others
we start to see it in ourselves as well
to take accountability to eradicate it
the longing…to be One
the longing to Love
the longing to Breathe
the longing to truly belong
where righteousness dwells
that place safe, in the secure knowing
that one is in universal accord
that is defined by each and their very own relation with the divine, and their own path in the making of their destiny
some will stay severed
others will not…
it is up to each of us to stay conscious
and to operate from the heart
yet to think we always do
would do more to thwart our progress
as to think such would be a statement of being truly blind
by glimpses of our progress…
the truth is we did know better
and we consciously
decided to let the unconscious desires have their way…..
Sometimes that is necessary
for whatever the reasons are…
as long as we come to our senses…
Note: After a reprieve from deep conversations, I found myself fleeing the fields I played within where I saw things in nature to take note of; to come back and sit at the foot of spiritual contemplation to seek answers, as I felt I needed to stop and take precautions to reevaluate my purpose and the meanings of events unfolding in my life.  I decided 13 days before writing this to take a year vow of celibacy.

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