Our Angels Will Be Talking

Our Angels Will Be Talking

Our angels will be talking

There may be an interim expanse

due to your command to cut the chord with me


Yet I open up my link to you

full throttle and wide, no more ever

will I ask to be severed from the

tie our Lord destined between you and I


I sought direct communion with the

Lord hoping our tie would be just between

us three, yet perchance blind I was

for perchance it is time for me to accept

the aid our angels can embrace


I wage jihad that you come to see

I understand your innocence and

my own error of sin to fail to

discern truth in timely fashion

Yet to your charge I was given to you

And you must see that nothing

sacred is ever gained by illicit talk

unacknowledged to cause me a

stumbling block. For there is no mercy

in your lack of understanding

it is you I want to know how

to care for me most noble and decent

and most high with all integrity of

understanding the complete truth.


I aim to give complete recompense

and compassion in all entirety, and I pray

you come to know your error in thinking

you understood me completely in all pomp

That gave rise to false understanding

where a wealth of errors of misunderstanding

was led my way where truth of

my weakness become void of any

aim of love I fought to give…


Now is the time for you to learn

now is the time for you to see

What my angel will carry to thee


My heart will be in your hands

So that you may come to understand


I pray I not err by folly

For I know I have been blind

and led astray so many times


I will stand in wait this time

For your obedience to return to God


For I believe what God has put together

no man can put asunder


And if Our Lord grant severance I hope

you will find that which ye yearn most

spiritual noble and true without

the voice of arrogance and

without the voice of pride


Yet I keep faith that not only am I charged

to repent and atone, that you my Lord and Master

will be granted the key to the wisdom of you and me

when into my heart you will finally see.

Written between 1996-2003


Note: I tend to think at a quantum level the cord is not cut…it was more like being told I was going to have my feet held to the fire…in the beginning…and no matter how much I danced off the coals of that fire, I found myself undergoing a trial by fire of sorts…no matter what…and I tend to think that even a teacher has the capacity to see things at times from a different point of view.

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