Mistakes mistakes

mistakes, boy I’ve had

my share

When will they end

Never enough foresight

to keep out of danger

Always inviting in strangers

Always trying to help

Giving unsolicited advice

A mind full of device

Can’t even swallow my own

When I know I should

I can’t…can’t let go

Always holding on

Hoping life will get better

Boy I try, do I try

but when you see yourself

in someone else and

don’t like what you see

I think it’s time to flee

Only brings me down

To some sort of dirty ground

Trying to pull my self up

Trying to clean off the shit

Only makes it worse

The sight, the smell

Will it ever go

Only comfort in seeing

it is to know it’s going to go

Can I wash it off

Can I change

Will I ever grow up

Mistakes are what you

make when you are growing

But how much can I

take and how long will

it be…Forever I suppose

Not a lovely thought

Hopefully the numbers will fall, but does that mean

my growth will stall

Does everything have a purpose

Hindsight can kill

what we hate but can it keep us

from making new mistakes

What a dare


Written in the 90’s


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