Crystal Palace

crystal palace 1
Mystery man take my hand
Come with me back in time
There once was a land covered in clover
Where no one dare go, Trees so tall
In fall mist, the sun scarcely shine through
Down in the woods a palace behold,
The eye with a glance
If you wink, you stand no chance
For the vision was an illusion to many a man
But to the sorcerer the caves would turn blue
Lined red rock passages all musty and wet
Stay close and I will take you through the waterfall
You will not fall; the rainbow will guide us
The sun shines through the temple wall
Walk in the light, & hear your master’s call
There stands a man in his palace hall
He looks so small, but stands so tall
If you look in his eyes, his secrets be told
One time a year his eyes turn gold
Perchance that day is here
Do as I say, I beg you today
For if you delay, the dungeon awaits you
Night will be coming soon
Get on your knees and pray
Do not look away until the moon is in view
When the light shines on you
Look to the stone west in the lake, it will be gray
But it will turn blue
When it does, look to the North Star shining bright
His reflection of gold shines at you
Resist temptation to look on him face to face
For if you do, the lake will have you in a flame
Birds as we are, pluck a feather from each other’s tail
Drop them on the stone and fly to the moon
Hurry, don’t waste, for if we lack a beat
He shall have us for a feast
Once we reach the sky,
The crystals will fall, and the palace will rise
And we will resume our human nature, however the powers are ours
We shall live as Kings and Queens and
At majesty balls, we will entrance all and
All other kingdoms shall fall
Summer of 89’

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