Spider Cats

spider cat 1

Like a child drenched in wine

Raining emotions locked inside

Tears to drown the pain you feel

Spinning circles in your mind

Spider cat weave your web

Lurking in the window

Crawling on the floor

Wishing you were dead

The joy you find it’s not real


Sleeping on my pillow

After a hearty feast

Your heart is full of steel

The bullet full of lead

Take the gun and blow off your head

It’s not fun to slay the beast

Spider cats weave your web

Tangled net to catch your prey

Born for destruction

Bred to duplicate

Venomous fangs fulfill your thirst


Take the child full of sorrow

She doesn’t want to see tomorrow

What a pity her soul has left

Spider cats weave your web

Victim in the net


Wake child don’t you fret

Your raining emotions unwind

your mind is locked in time

Sun shines through my window

See the rainbow in my web

The pain you feel turns to dust

Wind blows in a gust

Watch your body shrink and grow

No more wine to drink

Only blood the color red

Spider cats weave your web


Spinning circles in your head

Wishing you were dead

Lurking in the window

Crawling on the floor

Hungry for more


Victim number two

feeling sort of blue

As he weeps

you leap

Another soul to keep

Spider cat weave your web

As you pounce upon the bed

Breed for destruction

Feed to duplicate

You’ve found your mate

After the feast

You go to sleep

No more tears

No more pain

Release your fears

My little Spider Cats


1989 (Dark Fantasy Piece inspired by an esoteric friend) I get a bit creeped out by it, but it was something that came from a moment in time, when I just reflected on my musician friend, who loved to entertain strippers. So often these girls would  leap after anything that came their way and are often a bit erratic in their affairs more than likely due to them often coming from abused homes….not always…but just an observation…

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