Why Do I Cry

In my room
I close the doors and cry
My four walls
they hide my pain
from you…from the world
This is my place
and I sit and cry
My mama kicked me
on the floor years ago
into this place
Trying to take my escape away
Stumbling up I slammed
the door and this became
my only place
Soul reflecting in my eyes
trying to stay alive
Tears falling on my face
In this tiny space
Trying to save my eternal grace
When I’m alone I come
back to you my mirror
on the wall tell me everything
will be alright
Only place I have to feel the grief
I feel in my skin
The pain that shreds
my flesh to the core
Close my eyes and pray
It’s my only relief
God knows I’m here
or does he
I used to think he did
Now I’m not so sure
For all the years
pain follows me
Rains on my heart
Preys on my mind
Here I sit
Here I cry
No one knows why
But only I
I lay in water
Flows through my brain
Wash away the pain
Light inncense
Light candles
Watch my skin glow
Watch my eyes shine
Gives me new life
New life, but no love
Where is love
Mirror on the wall
Where is love
Can’t love find me
These lines will only grow
Too many paths to go
I don’t know
In my room I sit
and I cry
No one knows why
Locked in this room
Locked in pain
No one has the key
Not even me
So I cry
just wandering why
Written in the early 90’s reflecting back to my teenage years

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