Innocence Lost

innocence lost

My life will never be the same again

Torment between freedom and flesh

Mystical emotions well in me

I know this cannot be

A constant struggle between you & me

Fragments trapped in my mind

The evil restraints bondage brings

A riff and a raff and it brings it all back

I cannot escape

I don’t even try

I just let it go by

Pass it off to another day

Another place and moment

in time

Innocence lost

for shame

Time to play

Oh no

Time to pray

Confusion inside between the flip

One sides up

& the other sides down

Religion abounds inside of me

Whether it be light or dark

The spectrum sparks

I will never forget thee

as history unfolds

As days move on

Time is gone and time is spent

Often thought

I wonder here

I had to go

Away you know

To a brighter day

A Higher Path

A Harder Place

What motivates

Universe dictates

In time we’ll know

Heaven’s is good as gold

Commitment fright

Blind untruths

Had to block the demons

That kill, destroy and debilitate

Attack the spirits in our soul

Spin us around &

Make us fall down

Dizzy for days

Reason makes us feel smart

Rationalization the rule

The devil is cruel

If you ever got away

You could see the light

and warmth of your soul

Childlike in form

Inside you at birth Christ is born

It is up to us all

Whether we live or we die

God is light, Light is energy,

Energy is matter & Matter is Man

Just as a plant turns to the sunlight

to grow and be nourished

so should we

We need light & God is Light

Can you not see…Let the heathen be

Warn the wicked of thy ways

If they do not listen

Shake the dust off your feet

Even Ozzy O*burn says,

“Day after day, I watch

love slip away”

Like I wonder why

Totally obsessed

Misery loves comfort

and that’s a fact


Remember, John Milton’s

Paradise Lost

Think about How

it might have been


Written in 1989 Inspired by observing someone into esoteric philosophies and several cultish metal bands, he was friends with. I read a few things around that time, but gee, even though you see through the crap, it still scathes the mind a bit…it’s not like you can forget some things you read. This writing was an admonition of sorts…

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