Dressed Up and No Where To Go

shotgun in hand

Here I am again

Shotgun in my hand

I don’t think you quite understand

Here I sit

In my anniversary dress

candles lit…

orchids in bloom…

wine to share…

Curls in my hair

As I stare – across this empty room

Where is passion

Hark romance

I do not hear

Things are not so clear

Yet life is very dear

Fleeting year by year

Merry Christmas

and a Happy New Year

Have a drink

you’ll have good cheer

The drum beats on

The days march on

Spring will soon be here

Could this be cabin fever?

No room to care

But the place is full of me

At least that’s who I want to be

Eyes that glimmer

A smile that sparkles

Yes, I still have a treasure

buried deep within my heart

When it’s time

My mind will unlock the key

For now, I guess I’ll just

have to keep it for me

Since no one wants to

share theirs with me

Blood for blood just like boys

Nicking themselves, so intense

A leave from common sense

They want to be one

Is this new

Is this old

What’s the difference between

you and me

You have grown

and I am no boy

But my bloods just as thick

I’m not asking you to prick your dick

as some ancients do

I know we’re different

But I’d like

for the two of us

to try to be alike

For now we’re so apart

It’s hard to meet mind

to mind

Heart to Heart

To find the time to unite!

Dressed Up & no where to go

So I write



Written in early 90’s

Note: Shotgun metaphor for wine glass

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