In Vino Veritas

wine glass in hand

The bottle of wine

I bought to drink

Is half gone now

For I chose not to think

I may drink it all

But that’s okay

For I feel no shame

Because the words I write today

Will bring me fame one day


Maybe you say

That’s a fantasy

But how do you know

Which way I’ll grow

When you are not here to play


I have eaten

half the crackers in the box

Made of wheat

Soothe my palate sweet

Sly as a fox


That’s what I am

For I know I’m not complete

For everything’s a half

And a whole is obsolete


In vino veritas

Is what they say

Maybe I’ll find

The truth one day


Face the fact

That you can’t play

You’ll come back

And find your way


You know it’s true

Your feeling blue

When that feeling hits your heart

You and I shall never part


Bottle of wine

Makes me fine

I don’t whine

Cause I don’t mind

That you won’t find

What I know

And that’s the way it goes


Written in 1989

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