Dust to Dust

From Ashes in the Dust
To form a Phoenix
From your broken wing
And bend-ed knee
You came to Unite
In Flight with me
Too scared to keep Trust
Both wings I Broke
I am leveled to the Ground
My Heart it Rips
How could Love Send
Darkest Fears to Trip
Two Hearts meant to Mend
When trust takes a Dive
No Love can survive
Back into Ashes
I am Thrust
Dust to Dust
His hand outreached
I took hold
within the love
the grip of fear
the need to know
what to trust
I cried and tried to stand
I failed miserably
I am released
Back to hell
He sends me…
to simmer some more
Yet at the gate he stands and waits…
A song I used to listen to at the time by Poe-Fly Away

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