A Picture Speaks from 1992

A Picture Speaks from 1992

A Picture in the paper

of a lady holding on to a skull

Images of a Holy War

Her heart they tore

Memories gone

Her eyes full of tears

They’ve ripped her pain open

down to her very core

Wrinkles on her face

Never would have dreamed it would come to this

This deep abyss

Skeletons in a grave

They’ve killed the innocent and the brave

Men in homes

children shot in their kitchen

A place where they used to eat

They lie on the floor in a pool of blood

To weep a flood

Pictures in Time

a few months ago

The war rages on

What are we to do

Clinging to a bone

This was my home

To love

To cherish

To cleave

To hold

To not want to let go

See the grief

See the pain

She bereaves a skull

November 18, 2017

Note: I found this piece I wrote with the news clipping among my writings. I am still baffled why the human race does such horrible acts. My thoughts are as a New World, we founded doctrines to have tolerance for religion, then why all the killing and divisiveness, surely this is not the wishes of our creator, for crying out loud we are to be protectors of the Earth and its inhabitants.

Perchance the Old World could learn from the New World to honor each person’s choice as to what they want to believe. Yet, cannot the New World learn to honor cultural diversity, and stop raping resources of distant lands. We are in a global society now, can we not learn to put the past of war in the grave once and for all, and truly learn to live as one, with respect for our differences.

When any religion or system of belief espouses killing, should it not be our fear of each other we need to kill, and let God (or just actions alone speak for themselves) be the judge of each person’s choice? For crying out loud, if to kill for one’s God is at the crux of a belief system, the message has been totally lost…the message to conquer oneself has been totally missed.

To really honor God, or whatever you want to call the creator, should we not honor the choice we each have been given to make our own choice. Would that not be a better way, to honor “your God”?

The old testament may have been an eye for an eye, but even in that if one does wrong, he shall suffer it in his own being and ultimate soul, but the message was clear in the New testament…not to eradicate old law, but to evaluate a doctrine by way of example of how to be….whether one believes Christ is the way, or is just a prophet….to love one’s neighbor as himself…Certainly if men in their hearts could pick up this spirit, people might just be able to agree to disagree on differences, and seek where we are unified in thoughts.

(A dreamer I am…I guess…on this one, as I tend to think the territorial nature of man will always keep him at war…over his possessions or possessiveness.)

Man cannot act like a territorial animal and claim it is acting from a place of divine mind, stop the madness!

It is things like this, that unfortunately have continued to happen, that really make me question the human intellect.

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