Mister Amen man, using the hands of a child…
Behind the door the master saw your deeds
The shaving cream and the heat,
no amount of water running down
will drown out that sound…
the knocking on the door will not cease….
You’ll want in
and then you’ll see
the child washed
in innocence is clean
and come to understand
why you’ll be standing
outside the gates
and who her Father is
and what you did…
on the other side of the lake
eternally you’ll wait…
until the fires burn out your sins…
and will you even remember my name…
says the soul of the child…
when you face your fate…
will you bow on knee
as in a pew to suffer your sorrow
to ask forgiveness
or will you the hypocrite
stand upright and shout Amen…again!
November 21, 2017
(52 years ago)

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