16 american playboy

So interesting how the pursuits of men

is getting so much attention

As a young girl

I found my stepfather’s stacks of playboys

Peering within

I wondered is this what men want

I would read them, the do’s and don’ts

the articles, the cartoons, and the bios

and look at the spreads

Prepubescence budding

taking it all in

It is not like I had not seen what a man wants

for you see at a young age

the Christian man and his family of men

indulged in their senses

the man a deviant

his nephews just curious

I shall leave it at that

How was I to know

He should not have been asking for that

Men and their sexuality

to drive them to procreate

is this only natural

and what did Hugh say about that

He put it in the open

the lusts of the flesh to fulfill

Somewhat later Madonna did too

where she took the reigns

and said women can have their fair share

I lived in an age

where men would want to give

women quaaludes

so many were living in their skin

snuffing poppers to drown

the soul and quell the resistance

and the messages all around

made it all seem like that was okay

something needed to be free

In the sixties, make love not war

at least had a spiritual thread

buried somewhere

in the peace movement

yet free sex, swingers, and orgies

came ushering forth into the seventies

where the culture was making it the norm

Certainly as a teen I had my share of experiences

Yet, through it all the eyes of a child

and a young woman at heart

learned that pleasure without love

has such futile rewards

now we have all genders, transgenders

and all making the norm

yet we have taped conversations

of men grabbing women by the pussy

to flavor our day

to make us see

that something certainly went amiss

now is this any one entities fault

when it was a culture

and a drive

for men to conquer all at the helm

it is so hard for me to fathom

empty pursuits

yet hormones and vanity come into play

to be desired at the crux

I have to ask where in these drives

is the innocent man

and where is the woman he was born to protect

some cultures see the flesh as so powerful to cloak it

to preserve it behind the veil

and some tend to think that is barbaric

what has happened to the reasoning of men

what has happened to the chastity of women

Playboy is dead

can you not see

with all the disease

and strife created

where man wars with his flesh

and demons opiate

to make him think

women to drink is okay

a toast to Hugh held high

and where women change men

like shirts of the day

a hail to Steinem to liberate

certainly education is the key

yet laws making what comes natural a crime

indicate something is a amiss

society does not want to pay

for the images it has portrayed

that has led so many astray

where men will kill

and tell women it is okay

to rip their flesh from their womb

I tell you now

there will be hell to pay

unless we wake up

and see our way

out of this sin




Thought: We don’t need to crucify men for being men, yet we need more education in these matters, not only for them but for women as well.

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