I cannot be your Valentine

There was a time when this could have been

That time has now passed my friend

There were many days of love we shared

Many special days in mind

Where I knew we cared

All such more than a valentine

This year is new

I am not with you

your essence is always with me

even though your presence is not here

Let me be

For I have a heart

and another to cherish near

we did part

and that choice made clear

the love you had

left me sad

as I left

and you stayed

love is no bet

to be played

A heart in one’s life is precious

Be it shared on a Birthday, Christmas, or Valentine

You had mine

and oft it was treated treacherous

The life we created

you wished to be obliterated

There was no love there

I mistook you for someone with a heart to share

Can’t you tell

You taught your lesson well

Not to care

and even though I do dare

To care

it is from a distance

from a different point of view

Over now is my penance

of my charity to you…

Entertain me no more that I’m your valentine

For there was a time when this could have been

That time has now passed my friend

Take your heart and go in peace

Find the warmth of your desire

For all the coldness of your acts I release

Inward a breath


A sigh held high let out

To unfold my grief

In acceptance of our death

I find relief

No longer are you my lord, nor sire

So put out the fire

of those thoughts

Go on to create new dots

But leave me be

For the sake of my sanity

In my heart you are and always will you be

Yet my love for you has been set free

It is no longer mine to give thee

I wanted to keep you all to myself

but the butterfly I knew would die

I tried to give love to you, the nectar of my life

So unselfishly we have to part

Because I know I’m not the one

Who’ll fill your heart


Note: After an 18 month relationship, he did not want to move from one coast to another at that time, and said he’d come later, and I knew then I would leave and not look back…yet he is the one looking back time and time again….now it haunts him what he gave away…

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