Golden Pearls

golden pearls


Golden Pearls

I send forth to thee

The breath that descends

into the depths of my heart

Pure thoughts that tap

the well of Love the Universe emanates

A gift to you and me

Golden Pearls I give to thee

As through me thankfully

they have been sent your way

The love sent free

in the wave of liberty

Golden Pearls radiate

and expand eternally

transcending time

A beautiful sight to feel

To know

To treasure

To cultivate for all

Yet a gift of Love set free

These Golden Pearls I send forth to thee


Learn to see them

Learn to touch them

Learn to taste them

Learn to let them pass through you

They are a gift not only for you to keep

But for you to learn to Give

May I so humbly learn to do the same

The light these Golden Pearls Shine & inspire

as they rotate and spin transforming

darkness into love

This we not forget


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