A Man in Love

arms wide open

A man in love will drive hundreds of miles to date his beloved, but once a man has that woman, if the love he thought he had turns out to be lust, his interest to drive a thousand miles for a piece of ass vanishes.


I want a man who would drive a thousand miles to be with me today, and everyday like it was the first. His love for me witnessed by his yearning to be with me, I will see as a love that is true.


In the beginning of relationships, a man will linger on every word of his beloved. If he lets other things in his life take precedent, he will no longer have time to listen and will become impatient, and most intolerable. A woman senses the things a man becomes intolerant of, and if they signal that it is something she is doing quite naturally, then she knows her natural self is being denied its existence, and off to more fertile ground will her heart yearn to plant. For how can love thrive when the cultivating of love does not take precedent? Often love comes quite naturally, and often the tiller of the soil is necessary to sacrifice in the cultivation in order to reap what he sows. Men listen, women listen for even in love you reap what you sow, yet love is a gift to continually give, for God gives us this very gift continually. If we mimic the Father, will he be pleased, I think he is, and more yet he knows that is what it takes for us to be well pleased.


Is there a righteous man left to teach the ways of the Lord to his wife. Why are so many women so fearful of submission to a Godly man? Are they in fear of the very man they claim to love when they take a man to wed? Why would a woman want a man she did not respect to care for her every need under the direction of God? Women live in fear these days to be in subjection to men, and often that is the very man they marry. I believe it is they know inside their man is not a man of God, and that is at the root of their fear to submit! Yet herein is a paradox, for we are all children of God, if we so choose to be.


Can love thrive and bare fruit, when ye keep your garden dry?


I yearn to know the ways of the Lord. For I want to know how to keep my garden full of the flowers, and the fruits of his blessings, for to be without his instruction is to be back in the void. Out of the void we came, do we return there if we fail to see and hearken to his eternal wisdom? I believe to be born in this life is a blessing. In essence to go beyond the void is our purpose, to return to God pure and undefiled. It is his teachings, to heed Christ to cleanse the blemishes by daily renewal to walk toward the light, for by walking toward the light is the best way to be walking in the light. The baptism is a continual cleansing, the more muck and corruption of the world caked on us, there needs to be an awareness of what one must do to keep the filth away. To tread back on those same paths again is like a child playing in the mud never learning of the beauty underneath it all. Why play ye with dogs in pits where vicious men barter their souls in their drunken wanton escapades where the vanity to escape into their power plays is a snare that captivates the innocent and the fools? Get ye up and clean yourself off and tread not there again. Wipe the dust of their corruption off your feet! Wipe the dust of your own self-deceit off your feet, for your purpose is not completed ever in such filth.

Written some time between 1996-2003

Note: A man in love, taps the well spring of the divine, with arms wide open in surrender his well never runs dry….the Christos manifestation in actions of emulation…where miracles happen, and the spirit lifts and dances in delight…the body is lifted by every cell bathed in this wondrous light.


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