The Pearl


Maybe for a minute

Maybe for a day

Maybe just a second

If so blessed we may

Have the world as our oyster


Let this token of our meeting

Remind us of the moment

Our rendezvous with destiny rang true


Inside our world you will

Find the pearl of our union

There is a water mark in the middle

Between the two halves

Let this be a symbol of the love that will flow freely

Between us two

On one half there is a blemish

If the pearl is held in the light

I think of this to be a representation of the pain

Our hearts have felt, and yet in that pain

The reflective nature is that of beauty


Maybe for a week

Maybe for a year

Just maybe for an eternity

December of 1996

In a globe limoge, a pearl was placed and offered as a token gift, and in return pearls of wisdom immeasurable have been received.

“How will I know?” to the fakir the question was asked by the man in search of his cosmic twin. The fakir reached down and picked up a pink pearl and gave it to the man and said, “She will give you one of these”. Mind you, the question did not ask how will I know who SHE is, it was just, how will I know?

A fairy tale indeed…a good story right, or was it the truth?

Update, my birthday 2017:

I gave a gift of a pearl once as noted above. In Satellite Beach subsequently eating oysters with the recipient of the pearl, 7 small pearls were found by me, one after the other practically as I sat to eat 2 dozen raw oysters. I had only found 1 on rare occasion prior to that when eating oysters, and many oysters I have eaten. That event was utilized to illustrate a point, I shall not delve into here! Tonight, I found this one (not pictured here, but it is in the pictures found under the Gallery of Ideas on Pictures Tab). It is the biggest pearl I’ve ever found in an oyster.

Happy Birthday to me, I found this pearl a gift from the sea…I happily exclaimed in poetic cadence. My heart was smiling, because I knew.

You see, when God gives you a dollar bill, you take it, and acknowledge it and be thankful. For some these small seemingly things do not hold significance, but given the events in my life, this very well could be a miracle.


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