pinky swear

A promise

An oath

A word of honor

What is a promise

Is this an exercise in futility for me

How often have I not kept my word


You say

I’m not making any promises


I think

What is the motivation behind that


Is it a fearless heart

Or a wandering dick

I should not be as trivial as this

As my sarcastic wit

Deludes my serious inquiry


You say

You are more beautiful

When I make my home more beautiful


What kind of logic is that

If I am to forsake materiality

Am I not beautiful in spite

Of my belongings or possessions


It may be true that the way one keeps his house

May be an indication of who they are


Yet when I am in bed having sex with the cat

Who’ll prowl and scratch at my time

Get under my skin and offer no help

He forsakes me by these shallow words


For I do have promises to keep

My core spends time with those I adore

And it is my hopes they shan’t ignore

Their own genuine nobility towards me

If not, at least for humanity



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