Kiss of Death

secrets of hermes

Ruby eyes shine like fire

Come in out of the pain

Begging with desire

To want you

Come child meet the fire

Your heart bleeds

I hearing you calling my name

Come closer, can’t you feel my power

It’s glowing all around you

Take my blood

Take my name

Come face to face

Meet your match

Sign your soul to me in blood

Drink my wine

Eat my fruit

Quench your lonely thirst

Don’t be blinded by the light

Close your eyes, hold my hand

Everything will be alright

Kiss of death, warm and wet

Intoxicate your every breath

Ignite the burning in your thighs

Mount the sword of seeds thrown high

Step into the eternal light

Open up, taste the rain

Feel my presence in your veins

Don’t say no

Give to me your mind

Join eternity divine

Souls together bind

Visions of mankind

My name is your name

Written in the rush

of blood that heats your passion

Lighting candles in your flower

Now you have my power

So wipe the tears off your eyes

They shine like rubies in the fire

Kiss of Death

Warm and wet, intoxicate your every breath

Dance my dance, Feel the joy

Sing my song, feel the pain

Don’t you go

Don’t stray from the fire

I know your name

Don’t forget your quenched desire

I know where you are

Stay close to my power

You cannot escape me

Remember, I am you

You won’t go far

Ruby eyes wander in the night

Searching…You’ll return

To the flame shining bright

The one that knows

It’s understanding glows

Kiss of Death, Warm and wet

Reign power to our souls

Rule the Sun with our control

Ruby eyes reunite

The world is ours tonight


Written in the 80’s

Note: I was going to college, and ended up eating out, and ran into an interesting person, who invited me and a waitress to go back stage to a Molly Hatchet concert. After the show we went to a bar with the band and others, and this person secretly arranged to have no car there, and asked me to drive him back to the club so he could retrieve his car. Well, he had on a bracelet that had a skull on it with red ruby eyes, maybe real rubies, or just rhinestones. I was a bit intrigued as he was quite mysterious. I drove him to the club, and he leaned toward me so quick and planted a kiss upon my lips (not warm and wet) before getting out of my car, I found myself a bit freaked out because it excited me. I found myself responding to smooch him back real quick, and then telling him that would never happen again. It never happened again, but we developed a friendship. He grew up around the Pulitzers, and was born in France. He was an eccentric person involved in music and other businesses. Upon visiting his house one day, I saw books on his shelves in different languages on all manner of esoteric sciences. I did not mention these matters to him, yet at the time taking courses in philosophy my mind was starting to explore all manner of human thought. I set out to find some of the books, and in that process acquired much knowledge of esoteric practices, to which I do not subscribe to in practice. However, also reading and analyzing quite a bit of Shakespeare amidst writing analytical papers on his writings, I would take a break, and this fantasy piece just flowed like magic from my pen. A fantasy tribute to Axfxxxo Bach, and nothing more than my imagination about his endeavors running amuck through my mind….a temptation never to be explored…..because perchance if I had, it would have been a kiss of death to every thing I held sacred.

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