Scot Free

father and daughter

For what he did, I had to leave, find peace, and return to love, to me, to God, otherwise I would have killed him for his deeds, or had him locked away, but what good would that have brought to his legacy, for the truth is his own travesties he will face, and each day he walks away scot free, is a day he knows the truth will find him in the end. Patience is a virtue, and so is forgiveness, yet the pain is always near. How many breaths shall I take, to release it all back out into space, probably each one I take until I breathe no more, or until I somehow learn to not have a need for vindication, which too is a beast of sorts. The irony is that today is his birthday too, and oh how I wish I could be free of this need. This is a story to be told bursting at its seams, never at present to be uttered to protect the innocent.

Snippets here and there, documented, one day to be revealed…but more importantly if there is an Akashic Record, it should be his choice before he takes his last breath, need I say more.

July 15, 2016

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