sacrificial lamb

Should I look to the sky

to find the reason why

Should I whisper your name

across the water to send a message

to you

Should I blow a dandelion

your way

Would you hear

Could you see

The moon in the sky

At the same time as I

What kind of synapses

did you break

What was the purpose

Just to see

A whim perchance on me

Are your walls painted red

Is the blood of my soul

on your hands

Am I your sacrificial lamb

Note: Written in the Spring of 96’, related to the cathartic process I was experiencing, surround by energies of a “so called healer” already referenced elsewhere, questioning the energies, and quantum thought capabilities, associated with cording energetics. Never titled this piece, so…kinda thinking, Sacrificial Lamb, or Synapses….went with Synapses…because after all, it was my life I was sacrificing, due to synapses breaking during the cathartic journey I was embarking upon.

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